Love and Other Ecologies Series: Untitled 3rd study, 16mm film + vinyl record release, TBA.

WRITTEN PAPERS - The Poetics of Experimental Ice Bridges, Lo Squaderno Journal 2018 - Blooming Corpses: Artist Residencies in Iceland and the Importance of the Periphery, IceView Literary and Art Journal 2017 -The Weight of Mountains, or, April is the cruellest month: an exploration of art, space, law and sovereignty. Presented at Law and the Senses, Westminster School of Law 2016.


Hrafn. Gáttir. Helgisiður. 
Skagaströnd, Iceland
Sound atop a mountain summit in the midnight sun. Portals, ravens, and thin veils on solstice. 
June 21 2010 and June 21, 2018.

Elísabet og Baltasar.
Best Script and Best International Film, Dead North Film Festival, Canada. Screening at Eldur Festival Hvammstangi, Iceland
with Baltasar Guðmundsson, Elísabet Nótt Guðmundsdóttir and Brynleifur Þór Þorsteinsson

THE WEIGHT OF MOUNTAINS  Artistic Director and artist collective member; experimental film development residency and presentation platform.
- resulting 16mm film work (still image below) currently in progress, upcoming 2020 program and customised structure in development.


Co-Curator and founder.
"The Weight of Mountains"
Site Specific, Artistically Immersive, and Process Based Fllm Development Intensive and Festival Platform.
Iceland - Dec 2013 - Feb 2014
Morocco - Sept - Nov 2015
Canada - Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

Artist/ Co-curator
Blind Coven
The Coven meets to embrace the act of listening.
Sonic State Festival Brisbane // PICA Time Based Arts Festival, Portland USA // ongoing between co-curators locations.

"Summer We Go Public"
Site-Specific, street/public art, engaged festival.
Skagaströnd, Iceland.
June - September 2013.
Curator and administrator

Site Exploratory Arts in Skagaströnd - S.E.A.S Festival.
September 2012
Artistic Director, curator, and administrator.

Exist Live Art / Performance Art Collective


Art Direction and Costume for Music Video, Directed by Tim Marshall.

LAW AND THE SENSES II: Human, Posthuman, Inhuman Sensings.
Westminster Law and Theory Lab conference.
"A demonstration of overlapping concepts between law and art that relate to the sensory or ontological human experience of the world via a portable heterotopia"

Cited in Amelia Ismail's written piece for One+One FIlmmakers Journal, 'To Raise a Storm: Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert's Tempestarii and the sympathetic magic of digital video.' Pg.39

PICA, Time Based Arts Festival Portland USA, September 14, 2016. Also held at Sonic State Festival, Brisbane AU, and The Globe Theatre, AU, 2016/17.

Interview with Ren Morrison for The Community Artist in Residence Program, at The Atlantic Centre for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA.

Where You Dream More Than You Sleep
(English article on The Weight of Mountains, Iceland)

New Director for Nes Artist Residency
(News article in Icelandic)

Notes from the Director -
(Icelandic and English)

Speaker for the North Atlantic Forum, Iceland

Baltic - Nordic Network of Remote Residencies (contributing member)

Interview - A Conversation on Remoteness

Guest Speaker for the Inter-Format Symposium on Remoteness and Contemporary Art

Harvest Festival Brisbane Line Up

Visible City keynote project, Melbourne Fringe.
Visible City Salon #1 - (Forum/panel) "Cities and Names"
Discussion with chair, Daniel Brine, and artists Sarah Rodigari, Jason Maling, Melody Woodnutt.

Live Art List Australia Interview

Realtime Arts Magazine Article

Profile - Vegas Spray - Archive of Brisbane Artists

IE Brisbane

Rave Magazine Interview

Review of The Raven

A gushing review over The Raven

Some fun community work with kids

Icelandic TV feature on Nes Artist Residency feat. Melody Woodnutt - directorship, including interview.