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Current Work

     Velvet Gloves
     Celestial Bodies
The Ship
Death Shroud for a Ship
16mm films
Tropical Gothic

Past Work (selected/partial)

The Symposium
Blind Coven
The Raven
Apathy and Wonder
Sex, Space, Intimacy
The Last Century Was About History, The Next Will Be About Belief 

Ongoing Project

The Weight of Mountains

Archived Work
2008 - 2018
(under construction) 

Sound pieces
Art Direction for film


   Artist Film Workshop


   Law and the Senses

   The Esoteric Travel Writing Research Group



A rolling cascade of things as they happen
(from 2023 onwards)

Incredibly grateful to the Trustees of the VCA50 Creative Development Grant and the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music at the University of Melbourne!
This funding will go toward a new installation/expanded cinema piece called ‘The Apparition’.
The piece will include lighting design by Lara Gabor and writing by poet Dr. Daniel Pilkington.
Inset image below is a cyanotype from my ongoing series, The Ship.

Celestial Bodies will screen at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) on February 20, 2024.
Tickets and info:
With music by Cloud Tangle (@cloudtanglemusic)
Below image, 16mm film still, Celestial Bodies.

16mm film/expanded cinema and framed still images.

16mm framed still images.

16mm film (digital projection)

16mm film and framed still images.

Celestial Bodies screens at Melbourne’s Fed Square, Sept 3-5, 2023.
16mm film digitsed and writ large.

An immersive installation, Death Shroud for a Ship, will show at the Mission to Seafarer’s, Flinders St, Melbourne on August 5th. The installation creates a lost at sea feeling using fog, soundscapes, and a synaesthetic light, creating a low visibility and visceral emotive and immersive space. It is an attempt to finish building my grandfther’s abandoned ship after his death. Including death shrouds by Pia Interlandi. More here.

Above image of Death Shroud for a Ship by

A street art projection/video art version of Celestial Bodies will show at Gertrude St Projection Festival, July 27 - August 6, 2023.

Photo above by Sharni Hodge.

Love and Other Ecologies, my 16mm film is presented with AFW’s Zero Pixel Film Festival parallel to Dark Mofo festival, Hobart, AUS.

Profiled in the quarterly Art Collector Magazine, April 2023.

Selected by the Centre for Projection Art (Melbourne, AU) as an artist in residence over the 2022/2023 summer period, culminating in a work for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, July 2023.

The Ship is selected by peer review for the global exhibition platform, Project Anywhere