Originally inspired by Plato’s Symposium and purgatory.

Love and Other Ecologies has a project blog 
(with the philosophies, music, blog, and ecologies that informed the series of 3 studies)

2018 - current work in progress

Sound and 16mm film piece, based on sex, power, and death  +   Vinyl EP to be released 2019.

STUDY #2  2015
The Vibraphones
Your ghost as it appears in front of you, as it reverberates in your blood.
Installation, Tissardmine, Morocco

STUDY #1   2014Love and Other Ecologies
An otherworldly take on Plato’s Symposium as realised by 9 collaborative performances relating to love and ecology as performed in the hazy dark, beneath a ceiling of upside down trees, violin bows, darkness/subterannean/subaquatic lighting, and letters. An audience of 45 placed in the centre of the round. Sounds of whispers, wind, and The Scrapes.
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, AU.
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Six film stills courtesy of Jayne Amara Ross

CREDITS FOR STUDY 1: Realised with co-collaborators:

Sophia Carroll (ecology)
Hamish Clift (philosophy)
Rebecca Cunningham (live art/performance)
Daniel Huey (sound)
Velvet Pesu (live art/performance)
Zoe Porter (visual arts/performance)
Jayne Amara Ross (film/poetry - France)
The Scrapes (violin/guitar)
Morgan Tams (film/media - Canada)
Jan Van Dijk (viola)
Sarah Winter (live art, installation)
Melody Woodnutt (viola, live art, installation/set, Director)