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Phone: +61 410 992989

WOODNUTTMelody Woodnutt is an artist working with 16mm film, sound, and installation to evoke abstracted, liminal, or altered states of the human condition; often this looks to Aristotle’s ‘Poetics’ or a merge of the emotional (Dionysus) and the other/worldly. Methodologies inlcude site-specific and auto-sensory field work (or ‘relational listening’ with a Bolex camera) that creates a blend of reality with theatrical or cinematic expressions and eerie worlds.

“I am a descendant of the pirate, Blackjack Woodnutt and the granddaughter of a boat builder and maritime architect. I have recently worked between Iceland and Australia for 8 years and believe that the strange psycho-geographies of both landscapes have informed my artistic practice. I am now based in the Merri Merri region, in Melbourne (AUS), on lands of the Kulin Nation.

I believe in conjuring vignettes of otherworlds, visceral imagery, and neo-gothicisms. Influences include immersive atmospheres (including worlding, law, or 'scapes), heterotopias, paganism, eco-/electro-acoustics, neo-psychedelic drone, sex, gothic and magic realism, phenomenology, philosophy, societal/human constructs, visual poetics, and black box theatre.
It is a combination of these things that may bring about an act of living that is closer to a poetic and articulated humanity.

Biennially I am the artistic director of international film platform, The Weight of Mountains which curates filmmakers to work globally in-the-field to explore concepts of humanity and environment. I am an exhibiting member of Artist Film Workshop - a Melbourne ARI for analogue film. My works have been shown with NGV/Melbourne Design Week, PICA (Oregon), Melbourne Fringe (Keynote) and a variety of film festivals or venues in Melbourne, Brisbane, Dublin, London, as well as across multiple locations in USA, UK, Canada, Iceland, and Morocco. I have been supported with grants from Arts Queensland, Youth Arts Queensland, Menningarráð Norðurlands Vestra (Iceland), Vaxtarsamnigur Norðurlands Vestra (Iceland), Rannis Innovation+Research Triennial Funding (Iceland), and Kulturkontakt Nord (Baltic/Nordic EU). I have held positions as Director for Nes Artist Residency (Iceland); consultant for The Icelandic Textile Center (Iceland), Artistic Director of The Weight of Mountains (global ARI); Co-Director of Exist Live Art and Performance Art Collective (Australia); curator of the Summer We Go Public Festival (Iceland) and Site Exploratory Arts Festival (Iceland).”

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cloak for transitions and seasonal pagan meditation, hand crafted with fibres of black lambs fleece (2016 @ The Icelandic Textile Center, model: Laura Madeline)

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