Melody Woodnutt



Current Work

     Velvet Gloves
     Celestial Bodies
The Ship
Death Shroud for a Ship
16mm films
Tropical Gothic

Past Work (selected/partial)

The Symposium
Blind Coven
The Raven
Apathy and Wonder
Sex, Space, Intimacy
The Last Century Was About History, The Next Will Be About Belief 

Ongoing Project

The Weight of Mountains

Archived Work
2008 - 2018
(under construction) 

Sound pieces
Art Direction for film


   Artist Film Workshop


   Law and the Senses

   The Esoteric Travel Writing Research Group


I first picked up a Bolex camera in 2015 while living temporarily in the desert of Morocco. I was hooked. The tactile process of working with film enables so many possibilites that escapes digital. The lenses are unique, the image glows. Being hand wound, the Bolex camera doesn’t require power or batteries and can work in extreme locations, I’ve been able to shoot in -30ºC in the Yukon territory, icy wet and windy northern Iceland, sand swept Morocco, and in the heavy humidity of North Queensland, Australia.

All 16mm film works are shot on a Bolex camera, hand processed, and hand printed from negatives to positives via contact printer or optical printer.
For private viewings please visit the studio.

Celestial Bodies, screened alongside a Kenneth Anger retrospective, 2023. And at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI), Art+Film programme, 2024.

Galaxies [a love letter], screened for the Event Horizon sympsium (2020) and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Film + Art program, 2022, and Latrobe Regional Gallery, (2022).

The Moment of Air Before a Whisper, screened for The Wandering Room ARI and Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Love and Other Ecologies, screened for Cinematica (2021), and Melbourne Music Week with live score by The Scrapes (2019).

The Word for World is Forest, filmclip for Tilman Robinson’s album, Cultureside on the Bedroom Community label.

Window (Bird) exhibited online for AFW (2020) and LaTrobe Regional Gallery (2022)

Echo Chamber, screened with Artist FIlm Workshop and Material As Memory, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and Melbourne Design Week (2018)

Resonant Incantations - commisioned by Speak Percussion and selected for Oberhausen Film Festival, 2020.

A small film about my dog, Loppa Bowie Laglínudóttir.