Shown only at dusk.

Soundscape, firewood, roses, candles, mudbrick Berber community house.
Second piece for the series "Love and Other Ecologies" 

Excerpt: "Each [the Vibraphone trees] carried their own bioluminescence traits that would be triggered by a biological echo, something once perceived as sonar, but in this case it was more of a physical shudder and consequent echo of vibrations. Because of this, the little upside down trees were affectionately called Vibraphones by those who knew of them. If encountering the Vibraphones, a small ripple could be sensed peripherally by human ears, and eyes, and in the blood... as if a vibraphone had been struck inside the veins of those present, without sound. After feeling this phenomena, the eyes would focus tightly and the haunting and damp atmosphere of the lighthouse would blur out, with softened irrelevance."

Two of us examined the wood that was hanging from the ceiling, emerging by candlelight from the dark. After sufficient exploration the guest would place their candle beneath the upside down tree. We sat together with an original short story "The Vibraphones" as we watched the candle and the upside down tree grow further apart. In the seated position, you could see the wood was hung as if it were a large ribcage curled around the tree at the centre, a heart.
With many thanks to gracious venue hosts, Cafe Tissardmine Artshouse (Karen, Edir, Youseff Village, Youseff Bushador and the gentle village hearts of Tissardmine) and Morgan Tams.

Images courtesy of Rob Lau.